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Our Best Friend Fence kits include everything needed to easily create an all but invisible and completely safe and enjoyable outdoor enclosure for your pet(s).

Posts, ground stakes, zip ties, and detailed instructions along with fencing in various heights and lengths (see roll size description in each kit) are all part of each kit.

All you need to know is the linear footage of your proposed fence line, and how high you would like your fence to be – then just select the appropriate kit.

IMPORTANT!: Best Friend Fence is not recommended as a round-the-clock kennel/dog containment system. Although it may work in this manner for more docile/non-aggressive dogs, it is primarily designed as a humane, more effective alternative to underground electric fencing. DO NOT leave your dog unsupervised for hours and assume Best Friend Fence will contain them. If your dog likes to chew or becomes bored and then aggressive toward the fence, he/she could escape and/or damage the fence. Breeds that have historically been aggressive toward our fence are: Beagles, Huskies, and Retrievers. Dogs can also vary a lot within a breed…each has it's own personality.

For the vast majority of dogs our product performs incredibly well. You know your dog best - just remember that unless they are under direct supervision, this fence is not designed to CONTAIN an aggressive dog or a dog that likes to chew.

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