Add An Amazing And Peaceful Waterscape To Any Yard

Our customers in Wake Forest, North Raleigh and the surrounding metro area often ask us if we know anything about the installation of waterscapes.  The answer is, of course, “Yes!”  A water garden or koi pond is a wonderful addition to any outdoor living area or landscape.

Using natural stone and aquatic ornamental plantings we can create for you a paradise that is a relaxing, lush habitat. Our waterscapes we build will attract birds, frogs, and dragonflies and also provide the relaxing sound of moving water in your landscape.

Effective design and filtration ensures low maintenance and consistent water quality. (All water gardens take maintenance, but it should not be an uncomfortable chore.) Your water garden will be a strong focal point in your landscape. We can make sure that it looks great and functions consistently.

At Down to Earth we can create a custom waterscape for any area. Whether you need a small fountain near the back patio to add the sound of water or a 25,000 gallon Koi pond to raise prized Koi, we can design a waterscape to fit all of your needs.

There is a big difference in a true “koi pond” and a “water garden”.  Our expert design team can walk you through all of the options we offer and can help decide which best suits your needs.   Call or contact us today and we’ll show you how Down To Earth can transform your outdoor space with a beautiful new waterscape.